One of the most annoying things about leveling a character in Rift is that unless you’ve made a conscious effort to spend your sourstones and shards, by the time you’ve hit level 50 you’ve got a bunch of useless currency.

A few patches ago, Trion added the ability to convert these unused shards and stones into a voucher that could be redeemed for the same stone on ANY CHARACTER ON YOUR ACCOUNT! That’s right, these stones and shards can be moved from one character on your account to another. While it would be great to be able to upgrade/downgrade the shards (or maybe you can? Let me know!), at least this way you can help to gear up some of your lower level alts with the stones and shards from you main, which they will never use!

So if you find that one of your characters has too many of the lower level stones or shards (or even the end game stones/shards), by taking advantage of this, you’ll be able to send them the stones that you no longer need.

To take part in this great resource exchange, visit either Senan Ladum in the Planar College in Meridian, or Quartermaster Ootalme in Sanctum to trade away! Just remember to mail the voucher to the character that needs it rather than using it on the character that bought the voucher in the first place.

Thanks @webgenius7466 for another great tip!

See you in-game!

[Edited for further clarification after Sherwin’s comment]