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Konstantin’s Rift Survival Guide – So you finally hit 50… Now what?

Today we’ll cover what to do with yourself once you hit 50 and are done leveling. First though, let’s cover some terms you’ll want to be familiar with first:

  • Tier – This refers to the levels of expert dungeons and raids. Players need a certain level of gear to be able to handle the various tiers.
  • Tier 1 (T1) – This includes expert rifts, and expert dungeons. To run them a player wants a minimum of 50 Hit for Warriors and Rogues, 50 Focus for Mages and Clerics, and 50 Toughness for all Tanks.
  • Tier 2 (T2) – This includes the 10-man rifts, and expert dungeons. To run them a player wants a minimum of 100 Hit for Warriors and Rogues, 100 Focus for Mages and Clerics, and 100 Toughness for all Tanks. This level of gear is obtained by plaques earned by doing T1 dungeons and expert daily quests.

Dailies and more!

There are several dailies for the various high level factions of The Icewatch, Dragonslayers Covenant, and The Order of Mathos. These dailies range from the easily soloed to weekly quests that require a full 20 man raid to do. These are some of the best and fastest ways to to gain rep with these factions (300 rep for solo quests and up to 1000 rep for the raid quests). One of the nice things about these dailies is that they actually vary from day to day, and in some case will change every few hours, giving a little more variety to the regular daily grind.


Once you hit level 50, you are now able to advance in PvP ranks, earning titles, unlocking the upper levels of your PvP soul as well as gaining the ability to by more advance PvP gear. Your main Warfront is The Battle of Port Scion, which is large enough to have several quests large inside the warfront itself.

The PvP gear sets can be bought from the various PvP vendors of your faction, and besides costing Favor, can have PvP rank or warfront faction reputation requirements

Expert Dungeons

These are going to be the meat and potatoes of your post 50 life. Each dungeon has an expert version of itself, with harder mobs, more bosses, and more intricate boss battles. These dungeons are divided into 2 categories, Tiers 1 and 2. Tier 1 consists of Iron Tombs, Realm of the Fae, Foul Cascade, King’s Breach, and Fall of Lantern Hook, and Tier 2 consists of Deepstrike Mines, Darkening Depths, Abyssal Precipice, and Charmer’s Caldera. The Bosses in these dungeons drop better loot both blues and purples, Plaques of Achievement (for buying your tier set pieces), and souls that are need to form the expert and raid rift lures.

Everyday, you can get two daily quests for these dungeon. One is for one of the Tier 1 dungeons and the other for Tier 2. These quest reward even more Plaques, 10 and 20 respectively, and allow you toe get geared up even faster.

The Tier sets themselves can be bought from your factions relic vendors, and vary in cost. For Tier 1, it costs 20 Plaques for the belt, 30 for the boots and gloves, 40 for the helm and shoulders, and 50 for the chest and leg pieces. While Mages only have one set, Rogues, Warriors, and Clerics have two, one of which is focused on the tanking aspects of that calling.

In these dungeons one can also find recipes for various crafting skills that can not be found elsewhere, and special crafting materials that are needed for the best player made gear.

Rift Hunting

It’s the name of the game and it has plenty to offer the level-capped character. Besides invasions large and small, there are world events, expert rifts, and raid rifts, all of which have their own associated dailies.


50 is is a great time to go back into the lower zones and finish the various achievements and artifact sets. Which some achievements offer nothing more than the satisfaction of a tricky job well done, others can reward you with titles, times, and even special abilities, for example completing the Agent of the Unseen on the Defiant side gives you a special item that functions as a second Soul Recall taking you straight to the Faceless Man, who gives the daily expert dungeon quest for the Defiant.

The artifact collections award loot bags coins for prestige items trinkets and even mounts, as well as books that uncover more of the lore of Telara. These artifacts and the trade in them are also rapidly becoming the mainstay of money making in the action houses, as their low deposit costs, profit margin, and rarity make them an ideal way to generate platinum.


Considered by many to be the peak of an MMO character’s career, raiding is the final stop for players in the game for the long haul. As of now, Rift only offers one full 20-man raid, Greenscale’s Blight, but there’s a new one coming up at the end of April, the River of Souls. To be ready for raiding, a player is going to have to do most of the things we just covered. A good rule of thumb is a player will need between 150-200 Focus or Hit, and the same in Toughness for tanks. Raiders will also need a sense of patience, as due to the newness of the game, raiding will consist of plenty of wiping and trying again until viable strategies are found.

Raiding also requires a greater commitment to time then more casual play calls for. Light or causal raiding guilds can take 5-10 hours weekly, dedicated solely to raiding, where as more more “hard core” raiding guild can take 15, 20, or even 30 hours a week.


Well that’s about it, with the game releasing a content patch a month after release, it seems a good bet that just because you hit fifty, doesn’t mean the game is over. Until next next week, good luck, and happy… well… whatever you want!


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